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Very nice game

Amusing and cute. :) I had to explore a bit to progress at certain points (maybe the placement of some objects could 'guide' the player better), but other than that, nice game!





the ending lmao

why did i get kicked off the train?

Fun! Getting a real 'Minit' vibe. The animation is terrific.

Here's my blind run. I give my review of the game at around 9:20 in the video. Decent game, wish there was more.




I love how this kind of riffed on the Legend of Zelda games, if Link was only allowed to use hearts instead of rupees.


hi I love this?? but I'm playing in browser and most of the text goes across buildings and is completely unreadable


It was verry fuuny

Like the animation styile

Made a video

enjoyed a lot this one


Loved the game and the art style! It gave me a smlie :)


I really liked the art style for this.  Impressive how well defined everything looks with such a simple style.


I really loved this! very well done!! Great use of the theme, and a really good idea to use Zelda as inspiration! 

Thank you for sharing your art! 

Thank you so much Nathan! We are really glad you liked the game ^^ And yes Zelda is one of the main inpirations and so is Minit!


Drytown is short, but amusing, and I like how much can be done artistically with such a simple style. It's a good example that not everything needs to be a flashy rainbow to have visual appeal. Shame the town itself was full of leeching con-men...

Good job, devs.

Thank you so much for making a video about Drytown! The minimalistic style of Drytown helped us to make a bigger game in terms of puzzles and animations for the Ludum Dare! Thanks for playing!