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There seem to be a few small issues in carryover between attempts, but I really love the ideas here! All of the difficulty is dictated by player actions and it builds up really organically (no pun intended). It even felt a little bit like a tower defense for some reason. Nice job!

Hey! Great game. Have you added new things to it? Have you released it somewhere?

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farm frenzy BGM + alice greenfinger planting type + roguelike + dodge hell bullet = cropshot
this video dedicated for those who enjoy watching than playing :D
hope you enjoy! 

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This is exactly why I stay away from farms and all manner of places that have greenery on the outside. Dangerous places.

Hahaha Thank you for making the video! It was really fun seeing someone playing the game for the first time!

I survived... kinda and I got to make $23600. :) Really nice work! 

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Wow! Thanks! That is one of the highest scores we have seen, thank you for playing it and uploading a video!