Soultower MacOS Version

As the tittle suggest there is now a MacOS version of Soultower available to download! 

We usually work by making our games playable in two main platforms: HTML5 and Windows, both of these platforms (specially HTML5) allow a lot of people to play our games in an easy way without much effort on our end. This is possible due to most of our games being done in Unity.

For Soultower I wanted to learn more about Game Maker (up to that moment I have only made one published small game with it, Curlyhop), specially I wanted to learn how Game Maker 2! Making games with Game Maker 2 has a lot of good points from my point of view: faster results, better low level control of the game and specially better control of the graphics without the need of shaders. But one of the downsides of it is how GMS2 licenses work. Our current Game Maker 2 license doesn't allow us to make HTML5 builds, and even if we decided to pay for it, there seems to be a lot of problems with games ported with the HTML5 module...

Luckely this week a Mac Mini has ended in our hands, so from now own we will be able to distribute the rest of our games (both GM2 or Unity) for MacOS!

Thanks for reading and make sure to check it out!


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Feb 23, 2020

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